85 Promises in Christ

When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I was in a rough season, weighed down by lots of anxiety and foreboding questions about the future. I meditated on this quote from William Carey while I worked on my original Baby Bird Quilt for my little girl:

If you are in the Lord’s family, saved by His grace - He gives these promises for you to have and hold.

May you be covered by them and find His promised peace.

He cares.

He knows.

He loves me.

He loves everyone.

He is true.

He is real.

He is compassionate to me.

He is gracious to me.

He is slow to anger with me.

He is faithful to me, even when no one else is. —-

He will not forget me.

He is a good Father to me, better than any earthly father could ever be.

He gives good gifts, on a whole different level than I expect.

He adopted me into His family.

He humbly serves me in my messy life.

He gives me all that I need when I seek His kingdom first.

He values me.

He is my help.

He gives me strength to do His will with contentment.

He is a Shield from fiery arrow lies of the devil. —-

He is a Refuge from storms.

He is a Rock in the flood.

He does not change.

He can turn the darkest night into a glorious morning.

He heals.

He wins.

He is good.

He has strong arms to rescue the oppressed.

He saves from pits.

He runs to meet/hug/kiss me when I repent. —-

He is the great Teacher.

He is patient with me.

He is kind to me.

He won’t let me be tempted beyond what I can bear.

He provides a way out of temptation every time.

He is praying for me in my weakness.

He is encouraging.

He doesn’t condemn or shame me.

He is with me.

He will not leave me or abandon me like an orphan.—-

He carries me in His arms, close to His heart.

He wants me to come boldly before His throne to receive grace.

He bends down to listen to my prayers.

He will make His home in me and we will spend time together.

He loves me like He loves Jesus.

He will bear good fruit in my life when I abide in Him.

He gives me heart desires when I delight in Him.

He will never take His love away from me.

He sends His angels to camp around those who fear Him.

He surrounds me with His love. —-

He is my hope of glory.

He looks through the earth to strongly support those whose hearts are completely His.

He sets the lonely in families.

He gives unexplainable peace that guards my heart when I ask prayers with thanks.

He wants to give me resurrection power today.

He gives wisdom to those that ask.

He is on His throne today.

He is the Boss.

He is in charge.

He is in control.—-

He rewards those who are persecuted for Him.

He paid for ALL my sins.

He paid to take pleasure in me.

His love is greater than my sin.

He has forgiven me.

He has made me clean.

He has brought me into the family of God.

He gives joy that is my strength.

He is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

He brings hope of a good future.—-

He does the impossible.

He creates out of nothing.

He will finish the good work He started in me.

He will make all sad things untrue in the new heavens and new earth. (Keller)

He will bring perfect justice to the evil in the world.

He is strong in my weakness.

He doesn’t waste any pain or suffering I experience in the path of obedience. (Piper)

He is making me more and more like His Son.

He is the Way when I don’t know where to go in my future.

He is the Truth when life is confusing.—-

He is the Life when death is coming.

He is my way to God.

He doesn’t give me punishments I deserve.

He gives me blessings I did not earn.

He is the hero of the Christian life, not me.